Saturday, 12 March 2011

Olympic Posters Top 3

3. Stockholm 1912
The Olympic games were introduced in ancient Greece, inventor of democracy and nude male wrestling. This Swedish-designed poster clearly tries to reflect these noble traditions, but avoids the full frontal issue by tastefully wrapping a fun yellow ribbon around the flag waving athlete's penis. This added a whole new festive element to the games, which apparently was the last one to issue solid gold medals. Good times.

2. Mexico 1968
Sweden was still relevant some fifty years later when the Swedish pentathlete Jans-Gunnar Liljenwall became the first Olympic athlete to be disqualified because of doping; apparently he had “several beers” just prior to competing. One wonders why, when he could have just stared at the poster of the event for a couple of minutes to achieve the same effect.

1. Montreal 1976
Nothing says “Olympic games” more than a gay beaver, right? At least that seems to be the thinking of the Canadian Olympic Committee at the time. Of course the colours could represent the continents as they do in the olympic rings... but in the Olympic spirit of nude men wrestling I'm going to go with my ”gay beaver” interpretation anyway.

How's this for a fun fact though: Princess Anne of the United Kingdom (member of her country's equestrian team) was the only female competitor of these games not to submit to a sex test, introduced ten years earlier after the suspicion that several of the best women athletes from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were actually men. Gay old times.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Tv-resistori cover by Elina and Jaakko

Turku based pop group Tv-resistori is releasing their third LP in April. Yrjö commissioned me to make the cover art for their self titled release already in 2008 but then things like babies and solo projects happened among the group and the process was put on hold for over two years. I compiled the covers in January 2011 from various pencil drawings that I made with Jaakko Pallasvuo. / Elina