Friday, 11 December 2009

Best cookbook cover in Finland

The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards has awarded
The King Nosmo Cookbook
the title “Best Cookbook in Finland”.

Kasper is very pleased with the award – and even more pleased that noone else from Finland seems to have sent in their own cookbooks.

The King Nosmo Cookbook was published earlier this year by Napa Books, and is available to browse through at

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Open letter to Santa

Dear Santa, this year I have only one wish. It's Kasper's new book about a wolf that wanted to become famous.

I do realize it's been previously published in black and white, but Santa, come on, black and white? It was only tiny in its A5 format as well, so this is definitely the one to own.

Yes Santa, it's in Swedish, but so what? I will only be looking at the brilliant, lush pictures anyhow. Especially as the artistic standard is so outstanding.

Santa, you know I have been good all year, so should we say it's a deal then? That's what I thought.

Oh, and can I have a pony as well?

Okay, never mind the pony, the book will do just fine. Thanks Santa, you're the best!

PS. In case your little helpers are really busy it's available in quality bookshops as well. Or why not head directly to the Napa Gallery, I know they have other nice stuff too!