Friday, 12 February 2010

New stock in for 2010

The Kasper Stromman Exclusive Webshop is happy to announce the arrival of some new, exciting and expensive items for 2010. We have also done a thorough inventory of all old stock and raised the price of everything, sometimes as much as thousands of euros.

The Kasper Stromman Exclusive Webshop is once again open for business.

Remember: It is not the name of Kasper Stromman that makes the webshop good, but rather the webshop and its excellence which makes the name supreme.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jenni Rope's solo exhibition in Berlin

Jenni's exhibition My Forest is travelling at the moment in Berlin.
Visit the forest at Torstrasse 110, at Bongout Gallery.

I'd rather be fishing

I'm a big fan of outsider artwork; this one was for sale at
flea market in Tattarisuo, Helsinki. I'm especially intrigued
by the physique of the little fellow in the boat since he doesn't
seem to have a body at all. Or maybe there's a hole in the bottom
of the boat and he's actually walking on the sea floor?