Friday, 27 November 2009


Jaakko has two new zines out
It'll End In Tears, a small comics zine, published by Cafe Royal

and A Collaborative Project zine with Henna Hyvärinen,
published by Editions Kaugummi

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tietoviidakko in Turku

(Data Jungle) mosaic by Jukka Pylväs and Jenni Tuominen is revealed in entrance hall of ICT House in Turku. ICT House locates in Turku Science Park. Building offers working facilities and laboratories for three universities. Some 3000 students and 700 researchers and teachers operate in the fields of computer science, information technology and e-media. Building is constructed in 2006 and it is designed by architects

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Jaakko's exhibition

Another practical decision by Jaakko Pallasvuo.
In Detroit Gallery, Stockholm, 6-15th November 2009

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Osaka exhibition

Kasper is exhibiting in Osaka at the moment as part of
the Personal Circles -exhibiton at the OOO Gallery.

Since you can't all possibly go, here's what on display,
complete with handy explanations if you can't figure
out what exactly is happening in the pictures:

Our daughter Stella is now one year old. She likes it when
we read books to her, preferrably with pictures of cuddly
farm animals. I have however illustrated a few children's
books myself, and whenever Stella wants me to read to her
she always brings me one of those. I'm always very flattered,
but lately I've come to realize it's probably not because she
loves the illustrations, but more because I'm never too busy
to eye through one of these books, so it's a guaranteed way
of making daddy read.

We don't own a car so Stella is not that used to travelling
in one. She usually gets sick, so it's good to bring a set of
clean clothes whenever you go somewhere.

Last time we borrowed a car was to go to my grandmother's
birthday. My lady partner Maija was very hungover – as was I,
but not to the same extent – and was complaing silently in
the backseat that she was not sure she was going to manage
the two hour drive without being sick.

Everything went fine, and we made it in time. My mother
greated us on the steps on the building and her first question
was ”so, you managed to drive all the way here without anyone
throwing up”. I was a bit startled; did we really look that
hungover? It took me about ten seconds to figure out she
actually ment our daughter Stella.

This cot is borrowed from a friend, and it has a cool
rainbow-sticker on it. However, Stella's has used it perhaps
4 hours in total during her first year because she tends to
sleep between us. I would probably do the same if I was a child.

I love second hand stuff. There's this big flea market every
weekend close to where we live, and I always try to go.
Often I end up buying a coffee mug with some funny text ,
like ”I love Florida”. Last time I counted we had over 70
mugs at home, which is a bit much considering there's only
the two of us using them.

The keyboard is my dad's, but I'm borrowing it for an indefinite
time. It's an early 90's model and has these really plastic sounds
and separate buttons for ”rain”, ”thunder” and ”train
approaching” which you can press at any time. I try to play it
at night when I'm done with everything else. This spring I've
taught myself to play the theme tune to Super Mario Bros.

When you flick through interior design mags it always strikes
me how people obiously always has gone to great lengths to
clean up before the photographer came, so it always looks like
they just moved in. I'd be much more interested in seeing what
the homes look like when they have laundry drying on the back
of chairs and old newspapers laying around. Maybe there
already are magazines like that?

When I buy toys for Stella I always try to pick out stuff that
was around in my childhood. I realize this is a bit sad and she
won't probably care much for these things once she gets older.
Right now though she's too young to complain so I'll probably
have another year or so before she starts forming her own
opinions. We've also mutually agreed on not buying Stella any
Disney-products, but I'm not even actually sure why? Maybe
becuase they're lame?

Most buses that come in from the north and east of Helsinki
pass the bus stop which is ten minutes from our home, and
there's also a metro station. I don't really have to use the metro
in my daily life, but I try to whenever I have the opportunity,
just because I love the smell of an underground train. I do realize
the smell of pee, damp concrete and recycled air is probably not
to everyone's tastes... but I find it an enchanting scent. I almost
whish I had to commute on a daily basis so I could smell it more
often, but obviously the novelty would wear off pretty soon.